qCoat provides high performance coatings and functionalization on standard polymer filtration membranes. Our target group are membrane manufacturers and filter module producers as well. The technology is applicable to microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes.


qCoat offers various technological solutions for the biotech and life science sectors. Hy2F® increases the permeability of membranes (super hydrophilicity), resulting in a more cost-efficient operation since less membrane area and a lower energy input is required. qCoat’s qIEX (ion exchange) and affinity (bio recognition) technologies are characterized by high binding capacities and high flux rates for valuable feed-streams (compared to resins and fixed bed chromatography). The resulting membranes are ready for immediate use, easy to handle and scalable.

With qCoat‘s technology you choose a resource-saving but highly efficient way to operate your process and thus create the perfect basis for either your own product portfolio or your internal R&D.

Our Advantages

  • efficient and cost-effective high-quality purification
  • high binding capacities
  • high flow rates
  • scalable
  • non-leaching

Advanced Separation

Stringent quality standards need to be met for e.g., microchip manufacturing, water electrolysis, water for injection. Here, the production of ultrapure water is an elementary part. Using qCoat’s Hy2F® and especially qIEX technology customizable, high-performance membranes are obtained for achieving highest levels of water purity.

Our Advantages

  • high purity levels
  • cost-effective
  • customizable
  • scalable
  • large throughput

Food & Beverage

The food&beverage sector relies on cost-saving, reliable, high-performance separation technologies with long lifespans. Using Hy2F® and qIEX membrane coatings an efficient and cost-effective membrane separationis obtained. Super hydrophilic membranes are achieved, while simultaneously making the membrane less susceptible to fouling. The high quality of the product is ensured by the consistent performance of Hy2F® and qIEX functionalized membranes.

Our Advantages

  • lower operational costs
  • efficient and cost-effective purification
  • antifouling yields longer maintenance intervals
  • enlarged throughput

Water Supply & Wastewater

A sufficient water management is one of the biggest challenges for both industries and municipalities. Hy2F® is an innovative coating, designed to improve membrane-filtration processes. qCoat’s functionalization enhances throughput of the process, leading to a reduced energy input. The super hydrophilic membrane is altered to maintain a lifelong elevated high performance. The benefiting lowered fouling tendency increases the membrane lifespan and lowers the maintenance expenditures.

qCoats technology offers a resource-saving method for various fluid-separation applications.

Our Advantages

  • lower energy demand
  • lower operational costs
  • high throughput
  • low fouling, low maintenance

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