Super Hydrophilic Ligand (Hy2F®)

Hy2F® is a high-performance coating for membranes in the fluid separation sector. qCoat combines this technology with a broad range of materials to gain a super hydrophilic membrane. Permeability can be improved significantly resulting in reduction in energy consumption and shorter processing times. Simultaneously, the fouling tendency is reduced, enhancing the membrane life span, and lowering maintenance. The Hy2F® membrane functionalization can be applied without limitation and is scalable.

basis effects
flow rate
plus 40%
minus 68%
economic implications
minus 25%
up to 2x
economic projections
minus 33%
up to plus 100%
20 µm
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Bio-Recognition Ligand

qCoats affinity membrane modifications improve procedures for the biotechnological industry and R&D. The high specificity is achieved by a strong interaction between protein and ligand attached to the membrane. Compared to conventional process chromatography, the combination of membrane technology with bio-recognition improves the process productivity. Scalable processing of mixtures with complex composition containing only small concentrations of the target molecule in a short time accentuates the benefits of qCoat’s technology.

Ion-Exchange Ligand

Many applications rely on the principle of the ion exchange technology. qCoat provides functionalization for producing membranes as charged absorbers for chromatographic purification of biomolecules and charged surfaces. Chromatographic separation can be performed more efficiently and cost-effectively than conventional separation methods. The efficiency of conductive polymer layers for the enhanced migration of charged moieties (e.g. ions) can be increased. By adapting the functionalization to the customer’s requirements, qCoat can offer the ideal solution for individual application challenges in both charge-directions: anionic and cationic.

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Advantages of the qCoat Hy2F® functional membrane filters