How it works


With electron beam grafting of functional molecules, we turn market standard membranes, wovens and non-wovens into advanced special purpose membranes.

With our understanding of surface-fluid interaction, we chose the fittest molecules to suitable for the job. This can be functional groups of small and even large bio molecules.

Our molecular coatings are single layer and permanent/covalent in nature and perform independent of the membrane’s pores size. Micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration membranes retain their distinctive cut-off characteristics. Electron beam treated membranes are easy to implement and require no changes in filter module assembly and in the downstream value chain.

Our electron beams can penetrate most membrane bulk materials. This is important, as our electrons reach any internal surface of a membrane. Compared to conventional membrane coating techniques, our technology increases the active functionalized area by 20x and more.

Why you should decide for electron beam grafting

  • emissions free, non-volatile organic compounds
  • high process energy efficiency & materials utilization
  • coatings free of harmful agents, non-aging
  • EU, FDA compliant in food packaging for 40+ years
low cost
  • low maintenance
  • legacy of lowest total cost solution for food packaging, printing and converters worldwide